Based on 3D vector finite elements (edge elements) the µWave Wizard now supports the analysis and optimzation of complex geometries which are not suitable for the mode matching method, such as screws or probes penetrating into cavities, draft angles for die-casting technique and arbitrarily continuous tapered waveguide structures. The modal absorbing boundary conditions at the element ports ensure full multimodal compatability and interchangeability with all other (MM, BCMM and 2D FEM) elements at the S-parameter level.
A set of new, highly flexible 3D FEM library elements provides very easy, parametrized geometry definitions without the need for cumbersome 3D CAD constructions. The generation of the element surfaces and the tetrahedral meshes are fully automated, including automated local mesh refinement around critical geometries. Externally generated meshes and user-defined STL geometries can be imported.

Alternatively complete subcircuits and schematics can be calculated by 3D-FEM too. This allows to include material parameters which are not "ideal" and furthermore the electromagnetic fields within the complete design can be visualized.