What CAD file formats can the software import?

According to the philosophy of µWave Wizard external CAD files are not required to setup a design. For example: a typical waveguide filter is the cascading of irises and empty waveguides of certain lengths. Those elements are part of our waveguide libraries and you simply have to add your properties to the elements which you have arranged in the schematics. The properties of an iris are the waveguide housing, the aperture and the thickness. The empty waveguide between the irises is described by a length. That is all. Therefore you can setup a filter design very easy. You do not have to setup a 3D technical drawing for your desired structure; it is the arranging of the elements from our waveguide libraries.

µWave Wizard allows importing element geometries in STL-(Stereo lithography) format. The import STL-geometry is a model of a single connected, closed surface consisting of triangles. These elements can be equipped with rectangular, circular, coaxial or polygonal (2D FEM) waveguide ports and are analyzed using the 3D Finite Element method (FEM). Although the waveguide ports and the element scale factor, rotation angle and element position can be parameterized using variables and equations, the STL-file itself cannot be parameterized because the STL does not contain any information about the construction. You can of course import STL-files created by the export function of the NTL3D-viewer, but most likely you'll want to import geometries, that are not part of our element library. So for creation of these STL-files you should use external CAD-software. The import elmenents to support STL format can be found in the Import Library.