Which filters can be designed with your software?

Various types, e.g. (list not complete):

Band-pass filters:

  • inline rectangular and circular waveguide iris/metal insert/circular post filters
  • inline and cross-coupled rectangular cavity filters including inherent milling radii (both in E- and H-plane)
  • inline and cross-coupled rectangular and circular waveguide dual-mode filters
  • inline and cross-coupled combline filters (incl. draft angles for die-casting, various probe types and capacitive and inductive cross-couplings)
  • interdigital filters
  • inline and cross-coupled dielectric resonator filters
  • directional (dual-mode) filters

Low-pass filters:

  • coaxial (TEM-) lowpass filters
  • E-plane corrugated filters
  • ridged waveguide and waffle-iron filters

Band-stop filters:

  • stub-type band-stop filters

High-pass filters:

  • cut-off waveguide high-pass filters