Frequently Asked Questions - Sales issues

No, μWave Wizard will keep working after S&S has expired. You won't receive product updates, though.

Yes, we offer discounted pricing for non-profit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions. We also offer volume discounts if more than one license is purchased or leased.

Yes, in addition to purchasing μWave Wizard, you can also lease the software for the duration of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Yes, customized versions of µWave Wizard are available.

Yes, we have a "Free Edition" which is directed to students and for those who are interested in getting familiar to simulate passive waveguide structures by the mode matching method. The "Free Edition" has some limitations and a reduced number of elements. But is not limited in the number of modes and supports the full accuracy and native speed of mode matching technique. For more details to the "Free Edition" please use the tab "Products" and "Service Downloads" for downloading the free edition.
For universities and non-commercial institutes we have special opportunities. The university version has the same feature like the commercial version, but its use is restricted to non-commercial purposes only.
For non-profit organizations we offer special prices too.
Please contact for more details to the different versions