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Depends, how your structure looks like. Fully supported are dielectric fillings in the following cases:

  • the structure is entirely filled with the same dielectric material
  • the structure contains step discontinuities between waveguides filled with different dielectric fillings (or air), but the cross-sections are homogeneous
  • the structure is composed of dielectric resonator cavities, which can be modeled by our element library.
  • Some elements like "spresdp_x_da" from the "Dielectric Resonator" library support inhomogeneous and lossy dielectric fillings by using the 3D finite element method (FEM) .

Yes, we have an element with 3 posts in a rectangular waveguide in our element library. You can easily synthesize and optimize a band-pass filter containing these elements are irises.

Yes, if the dielectric filling is homogeneous all over the waveguide cross-section.

For an evaluation of the full version of µWave Wizard you can install the µWave Wizard on your computer. Instead of using a hardware USB dongle on our computer you can lock a license on our floating license server which is connected with a multiple floating license USB dongle. Only during the analysis and optimization is a license locked. Therefore you can build up, modify and visualize your schematics without locking a license. Locking a license requires an internet connection to our server which has a unique IP address.
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