µWave WizardTM  Free

The µWave Wizard™ Free Edition is a full wave 3D EM-design software based on the µWave Wizard™The free version of µWave Wizard™ is an introduction to the concept of the software. It can readily be used for designing basic waveguide structures (waveguide filters, lowpass filters, diplexer, couplers, tapers,...) but it only allows access to selected library elements* and limits the number of circuits (2) and the number of frequency steps (50). The Free Edition includes a simple random optimizer to showcase the capability to optimize waveguide structures but the number of iterations per optimization has been limited to 50.

42 days trial of the µWave Wizard™ including all features

If you want to learn more about µWave Wizard's™ design and simulation possibilities with different solvers and modeling capabilities for complex passive waveguide structures including antennas, reflectors, horns, or even planar structures like substrate integrated waveguides (SIW) etc., please apply for a free 42 days trial of the complete µWave Wizard™ software package including all available add-ons.

* Included elements are: Rectangular to rectangular waveguide step, Rectangular to two rectangular waveguide steps, metal insert, rectangular iris, rectangular T-junction, lumped elements (resistor, capacitor, inductor), subcircuit elements, empty waveguide section, port