Alcatel-Lucent works with μWave Wizard since years for the design of microwave filters, diplexers, couplers,...

Our frequency range domain is from 700 MHz to 40 GHz, and microwave wizard gives good results in all of our designs.

We could design much more powerful devices with the wide elements library, change our production technology, improve some difficult specifications points.

We appreciate the improvement of the software years after years, and we hope it will continue this way.


Jean-Denis Schubert, Alcatel-Lucent France

I would like convey to Mician our sincere thanks for developing and marketing such a useful tool for microwave design. We have used Mician for several simple as well as complex designs. With such a tool we have been able to provide very quick turn around to our customers.

Dr. Clency Lee Yow (President), Custom Microwave Inc.

RYMSA is a company that design and manufacture microwave passive waveguide components (OMT, filters, couplers, polarizers...) and microwave antennas. MICIAN μWave Wizard allows us to speed up the design process due to its user interface, filter synthesis macros, speed and really good optimizer. Because its accuracy in comparison with respect to real measurements, we have managed to reduce tunning process in several devices. Another great value is the possibility to design each component of a device, and to have the possibility to estimate the behavior of a full assembly like a feed system thanks to the horn module recently developed.

There is no assembly that we have done recently, that hasn't been simulated with MICIAN μWave Wizard.


Rafael Garcia Sanchez, Tryo Group

Over the past 10 years, Custom Microwave’s business has continued to grow in large part due to our RF Design capability. Our RF Design team makes use of Microwave Wizard to design, optimize, and analyze antenna feeds consisting of feedhorns, OMTs, Polarizers, Filters, and Diplexers. Our ability to rapidly analyze the entire feed chain with high accuracy is of great benefit for risk reduction, as we do not need to fabricate breadboard hardware. We continue to be pleased with the excellent customer support and high quality simulation tools offered by Mician.


Jonathan Scupin (Product Manager), Custom Microwave Inc.

Our Passive Microwave Department needed to choose a new software in order to improve the design of passive devices. After having tried different packages, we opted for Mician μWave Wizard. We have realized that this is one of the best softwares, it's fast and accurate and it is really improving our manufacturing process.


Giandomenico Cannone, SIAE Microelettronica S.p.A.

User friendly and powerful software tool. Great customer support. I almost don't use other software tools for waveguide based filter and junction designs anymore.


Alex Lapidus, L3

I've been using Mician Microwave Wizard for more than 10 years, developing RF devices like filters, couplers, Orthomode transducers,etc. The speed and accuracy of the software is fantastic, and it includes one of the best optimizers I have seen.


Santiago Sobrino Arias, Thales Alenia Space

μWave Wizard is a leading design tool for passive microwave components, providing fast and accurate simulation and analysis of simple and complex systems. I found it to be an excellent design tool for our company. The ability to quickly simulate and optimize new product designs resulted in reducing costs of prototype building and it brought to a new level of cost and time efficiency of design-to-production processes.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mician μWave Wizard to any company dealing with design of passive components or subsystems.


Stas Bank, MEG Ltd.

Over the course of 8 years Mician Microwave Wizard has proven itself as essential tool. Microwave Wizard has become the primary tool for starting our feed component designs. The speed of the solvers and the optimization algorithms have greatly sped up design time and improved performance. As the software has grown the size and the variety of problems has grown with it. The limitations now seem to be in the imagination of the engineer.


Stephen Harvell, ViaSat Inc.

The easy-to-use EM-CAD tool μWave Wizard provides outstanding design capabilities for innovative microwave component and system solutions - with exact prediction of performance and mechanical outline. Mician's continuous improvement and extension of this unique tool is the prerequisite to keep pace with the steadily increasing design demands for more and more complex functional structures. 


Uwe Rosenberg, Microwave Project & Design Services

On several occasions the μWave Wizard has proven to be a fast, reliable, and very accurate design tool for microwave components.  Moreover I appreciate the outstanding support of Mician, through which I had been able to cope with challenging design tasks.

Olaf Bartz (Product Manager), Panasonic