Reflector Designer

The Reflector Designer is capable of designing several reflector and sub-reflector types ranging from very basic structures like parabolic and hyperbolic to more complex structures such as Displaced Axis (DAX) Cassegrain/Gregorian reflectors. This tool also offers the option of creating any user defined reflector or sub-reflector.

The incident EM-field on the reflector is calculated using spherical wave expansion of the radiated horn antenna field. The calculation of the far field of basic reflectors such as paraboloid, hyperboloid and ellipsoid is being performed by Physical Optics (PO) approximation. The radiated reflector field is also available as spherical-wave-expansion, which can be applied as feeding system into other reflectors. The definition of the reflector geometry is completed by just a few parameters only. The automatic mesh generation is supported by the simulation kernel.