Passive Waveguide Components

The libraries of µWave Wizard™ contain single elements such as irises, cavities and junctions but also complex structures such as OMT’s polarizers, probes and user defined 3D elements. All elements are parameterized and enables the user initial designs as well asmodifications within minutes. Complex structures can be decomposed from pre-defined library elements and user defined elements in the schematics editor. Each element is fully described by its modal scattering matrix. Applying a hybrid solver concept each elements is simulated using the fastest and most accurate solver for the respective geometry. By cascading simulated RF performance of all individual components, the frequency response of the complex structure can be accurately predicted and optimized. Typical applications are: waveguide-, combline-, interdigital-, SIW-, dielectric-, microstrip-filters, couplers, hybrids, multiplexers, polarizers, rotary joints, power dividers, OMTs etc.

Antennas & Reflectors

The radiation feature supports the computation and optimization of far and near field patterns of radiating elements and reflectors. The patterns are computed with single mode excitation into the circuit, for an arbitrary number of frequency points at an arbitrary port. This enables the design and optimization of complex multi-port feed networks and simultaneous optimization on telecom and tracking mode patterns. The field patterns of the antennas are derived from spherical wave coefficients of the radiating element at a fixed radius while the reflector computation is based on Physical Optics (PO). The radiated reflector field is also available as spherical-wave-expansion. Depending on the upstream network the radiation elements even supports cluster feeds, patch antennas and lost arrays with a moderate number of slots, depending on the radius of the waveguide aperture. Pre-defined performance parameters such as max-gain, aperture efficiency, 3dB beam width, phase center locations, edge taper etc. simplify setting up an antenna analysis or optimization.