Filter Workbench

Unlock the potential of microwave filter design with Filter Workbench, a powerful quasi-automated filter synthesis add-on to our renowned µWave Wizard™ product line. Tailored to assist users in designing and optimizing microwave filters of moderate relative bandwidth, Filter Workbench centers around a user-generated coupling matrix as input. Its intuitive user interface accommodates a diverse range of filter topologies, from simple waveguide iris filters to intricate cross-coupled combline filters.

Choose your design journey – start with a feasibility study or directly launch the initial prototype design process. Modify physical properties during the feasibility study as needed to meet specifications. Once the initial prototype has been automatically generated, you have the option to either continue with a manually controlled or a fully automated tuning process. Not only real-time RF performance but also a dynamic 3D geometric layout will be displayed throughout the design journey.

Furthermore, Filter Workbench also provides a complete schematic layout with tiered subcircuits and associated goal functions based on filter specifications. Save your design parameters for seamless integration into future projects.


Elevate your microwave filter design experience with Filter Workbench – where precision and speed go hand in hand.