Filter Workbench

Mician’s Filter Workbench tool is a quasi-automated filter synthesis add-on to the company’s µWave Wizard™ line of products. It is capable of designing and optimizing various physical realizations of microwave filters with moderate relative bandwidths. The user interface supports a wide variety of filter designs from simple waveguide iris filters to more complex geometries such as cross-coupled combline filters. The user has the choice between tuning coupling elements either manually or in automated mode in order to meet their specific RF performance requirements, with real time visual feedback not only for performance but for the 3D geometric view of the tuned structure as well.   

As the result of the Filter Workbench a complete schematic is generated automatically. This includes a subcircuit hierarchy, the setup of the variables including extensions and the setup of the goal function from the given specifications. All input values of the Filter Assistant are saved in a special file format which can be reloaded and modified to different specifications again.