Optional Add-Ons

Following add-ons are available for our  µWave Wizard™ editions.



Special Editions

μWave Wizard™

 μWave Wizard™


 μWave Wizard™
 μWave Wizard™
3D Modeler / FEM CPP2 Adapted Frequency Sweep Adapted Frequency Sweep Adapted Frequency Sweep
Adapted Frequency Sweep Powell - Optimizer Powell - Optimizer Powell - Optimizer
Extrem - Optimizer Yield Analysis Yield Analysis Yield Analysis
Powell - Optimizer  Interactive Tuner  Interactive Tuner  Interactive Tuner
 Yield Analysis  Resonance Analysis  Resonance Analysis  Resonance Analysis
 Interactive Tuner  Field Analysis  Field Analysis  Filter Synthesis
 Resonance Analysis  Filter Synthesis  Taper Synthesis  Taper Synthesis
 Field Analysis  Taper Synthesis Time Domain Response  Lowpass Synthesis
 Filter Synthesis  Lowpass Synthesis Batch Job Time Domain Response
 Taper Synthesis Interdigital Synthesis Programmable Interface Batch Job
 Lowpass Synthesis  Time Domain Response  Cores Doubling  Programmable Interface
 Interdigital Synthesis Radiation / Antenna Analysis  Macro Editor (SAX Basic)  Cores Doubling
Time Domain Response  Horn Antenna Synthesis   Macro Editor (SAX Basic) 
Radiation / Antenna Analysis Reflector Designer    
Horn Antenna Synthesis Batch Job    
Reflector Designer Programmable Interface    
Batch Job Cores Doubling    
Macro Editor (SAX Basic)      
Cores Doubling      
Filter Workbench (NEW with µWave Wizard 2020)      
3D-FEM Meshmorphing  (NEW with µWave Wizadr 2020)