2D BOR (Body Of Revolution) FEM

Introducing the BOR (Body Of Revolution) FEM Solver: Our new parallel direct 2D FEM solver, featuring 1st and 2nd order base functions, empowers you to analyze radially symmetric structures significantly faster, using less computational resources and with improved accuracy compared to 3D FEM. Key features and capabilities of the BOR FEM solver include:

  • Modeler element support through automatic 2D r-z plane cut of 3D rotationally symmetric structures, ensuring seamless integration with the modeling process
  • Fully automated 1st + 2nd order mesh generation for efficient simulation setup
  • Mesh truncation for radiating structures with spherical wave expansion (SWE) or absorbing boundary conditions (ABC) allowing accurate simulation of radiation patterns
  • Support for all angular orders (Fourier modes), enabling complete full-wave simulations
  • Multi-modal S-parameter interface for seamless integration with other elements
  • Eigenvalue solver for precise determination of resonant frequencies and Q-factors
  • Support for inhomogeneous media, waveguide ports, and accounts for surface and dielectric losses
  • Field and radiation pattern calculation with visualization in the user interface and post-processing using the 3D viewer