User Interface


  • Ribbon to handle user Interface tools
  • Project, Circuits, Design,...
  • Create, modify, analyze and optimize Projects or circuits

Info Panel

  • Panel to show messages, warnings and information during analysis and optimization

Project Browser: Libraries

  • Searching the various libraries with their discontinuities

Project Browser: Frequency Node

  • Frequency list and the associated frequency ranges editor are shown
  • Frequency sweep settings to accelerate the analysis

Project Browser: Variable Node

  • List of variables and the associated variables editor are shown
  • Adding new variable and settings its value and type can be done in variables edtior

Project Browser: Circuit Node

  • List of circuits and its Editor are shown
  • Compute with 64-bit, compute with 3D-FEM, settings of field plots can be done in circuits editor

Project Browser: Default Setting Node

  • Project cutoff, symmetry, dimensions, material, FEM settings are avaialble in settings node

Plot Window

  • Output can be shown with different plots