I never heard of Mician or μWave Wizard. Are you guys new?

No, the first version of μWave Wizard was introduced in 2001. In 2006 we opened our U.S. sales and support organization in California to better serve our domestic customers.

Have you already sold any of your software in the U.S.?

Mician is operating globally and the U.S. and Canada are among our largest markets. Leading satellite manufacturers and numerous U.S. government agencies are using μWave Wizard for cutting edge designs.

I see you are using schematic circuit diagrams. Is μWave Wizard just another fundamental mode circuit modeler?

No, μWave Wizard is a full-wave RF design tool. For fast composition of complex structures we are utilizing a workspace resembling a circuit modeler but within the workspace all components are simulated and connected using highly accurate modal scattering matrices.

Which solver are you using, FEM, FDTD or MoM?

μWave Wizard supports the concept of combining several solvers, such as 2D and 3D-FEM, Mode Matching and Spherical Wave Expansion. FEM and Mode Matching are generally used for simulating RF performance of enclosed structures such as waveguides, coax or planar assemblies while Spherical Wave Expansion is used for radiating structures. Structures such as antenna feed networks will usually be solved by a combination of all methods.

Why are you using more than one solver? Isn't that a lot of overhead?

No, quite the opposite. Instead of overextending CPU and computer memory usage by forcing one solver to mesh and converge for the most inconvenient geometry in your circuit, μWave Wizard divides a complex circuit up into smaller subcircuits and solves each one of them with a solver best suited for that particular circuit. Then all individual solutions are combined to obtain the RF performance of the entire structure. 

Do I need to tell μWave Wizard which solver to use for a certain design?

No, solvers are assigned automatically, in some cases allowing user overwrite.

Can μWave Wizard optimize my RF designs?

Yes, there are three different optimizers available: Extreme, Powell and Evolution. 

The RF performance of the model I put together doesn't look right, can μWave Wizard help me find better dimensions?

Yes, with the help of our Interactive Tuner you can manually vary selected dimensions of your model in real time to achieve improved RF performance.

Does your software have synthesis tools?

Yes, μWave Wizard has optional add-ons as there are synthesis tools for waveguide filters, combline filters, lowpass filters, wavguide transitions, offset reflector antennas and feed horns.

Does μWave Wizard generate output files for mechanical engineering? 

Yes, several mechanical output file formats are supported such as DXF, STP, STL, IGES. You can also generate picture files as Bitmap or JPG.

Can I remotely control μWave Wizard or can I write my own code to interact with μWave Wizard?

Yes, thanks to COM and VBA interface, μWave Wizard can be remotely controlled from programming languages (e.g. C++, C#, Delphi, ...) or third party software such as other EM-Design tools, MatLab™ or even office tools like MS-Excel™. You can also create your own VBA code for exchanging data or externally driving μWave Wizard.

Does μWave Wizard work in Batch Mode?

Yes, you can line up and sequentially execute multiple projects in Batch Mode over night or on weekends.

Is μWave Wizard hard to learn?

Generally, users will pick up basic skills within days. Our 3D modeler is very similar to other modelers used in the industry. The software also comes with a huge design library containing examples for everything from simple RF components to complex antenna feed networks.  

Are your licenses restricted to a certain company location or LAN? 

No, with the purchase of the software you become the owner and can take it anywhere. You can have the license key on your company's LAN on weekdays and use it at home with your laptop on weekends.

Can we temporarily rent/lease the software? 

Yes, in addition to purchasing μWave Wizard, yes, you can lease the software on a monthly or yearly base.

The complete package of μWave Wizard is actually only available for rent/lease.

Do you offer discounts? 

Yes, we offer discounted pricing for non-profit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions.

Will the software I purchased stop working after expiration of maintenance.

No, μWave Wizard will keep working after the maintenance period has expired. You won't receive product updates, though.

Can I test your software for free?

Yes, please register or login at our website and request for a 6 week trial free of charge.

Can I extend μWave Wizard?

Yes, μWave Wizard  editions are expandable. A modeler, additional optimizers as well as various analysis and synthesis tools are available for the license extension. Add-on options to accelerate the software are also available. The possibility to extend a license individually allows the user to tailor the software according to his demands and requirements.