µWave Wizard™ EDA Edition

The µWave Wizard™ EDA Edition is a multi-purpose design suite for all types of passive waveguide and coaxial line components. It is comprised of the complete set of (450+) µWave Wizard™ library elements, and the most frequently used features and Add-Ons. A fully parameterized, graphical 3D modeler gives users the opportunity to create their own specific

component libraries. An additional built-in 3D FEM solver supports primitives with curved surfaces and base functions up to 3rd order, resulting in an excellent simulation accuracy.


The Adaptive Frequency Sweep significantly cuts down on simulation time, especially in the case of narrowband resonant structures and wide-band simulations.


The Interactive Tuner gives users the opportunity to vary selected circuit geometries using slide controls while watching their impact on the circuit's frequency response in real time. The Resonance Analysis tool is a 3D Eigenmode solver useful in the design of cavity filters, i.e. for estimating the achievable insertion loss based on unloaded Q-factors and for controlling spurious responses caused by higher order modes effects.

The µWave Wizard™ features a built-in user-friendly bandpass filter and taper synthesis tool.

The Field Analysis feature is essential for the design of high power components as critical locations with high electrical field intensity can quickly be identified. Breakdown effects in high power systems (i.e. multipactor or corona) can be precluded or mitigated by including limitations to the electrical field intensity in the goal function as part of the design process. The Radiation feature is included in the EDA Edition for calculating far- and near-field patterns of radiating structures (e.g. horn, slotted waveguide, microstrip patch, dielectric rod and dielectric resonator antennas, leakage simulations).