µWave Wizard™ Filter Edition

The µWave Wizard™ Filter Edition incorporates a selection of filter-specific individual elements and features. The Filter Edition focuses on the synthesis of coaxial  and waveguide filters. Four synthesis tools are integral part of this edition:  Waveguide filter synthesis, interdigital filter synthesis, combline filter synthesis as well as a lowpass synthesis tool. The synthesis tools are easy to use and have proven to be very convenient for synthesizing filters based on given specifications, with a few mouse clicks only. At the end of the synthesis, the tool creates a complete filter model and schematic diagram including all dimensions. In case the synthesized filter does not entirely meet all specifications, a post-synthesis optimization using the “Extreme” optimizer can be performed. Elements that have reached their physical constraints during optimization can easily and quickly be replaced with better suited elements.

Thanks for being able to select individual elements, the filter edition it is not limited to the design of filters only. Microwave components of high complexity such as multiplexers, manifolds, couplers and feed networks can also easily be developed.

Additional features can be added to the Filter Edition, depending on the requirements of your application.