µWave Wizard™ Waveguide Edition

The µWave Wizard™ Waveguide Edition is a tailored version of the µWave Wizard™ specifically for designing waveguide components. It only contains waveguide-related building blocks (i.e. no coax element library).The libraries contain all the elements of the µWave Wizard™ Filter Edition as well as the µWave Wizard™ Antenna Edition. Contrary to the Filter- or Antenna Edition, the Waveguide Edition neither includes filter synthesis tools nor antenna or reflector synthesis tools. The Waveguide Edition has two built-in optimizers, the standard evolution optimizer and the powerful “Extreme” optimizer. Like the µWave Wizard™, the Waveguide Edition also offers a full 3D-FEM solver at circuit level for design verification or comparison purposes.

Additional features can be added to the Waveguide Edition, depending on the requirements of your application.